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Auditorium Series R4 Loudspeakers

The Auditorium Series has reached R4 status with effect from September 1st 2020. All production from that date will be to the R4 specification.

The model line-up now comprises the R25A Anniversary, Avatar R4, IBX-R4, IBX-RW4 and OBX-RW4. Changes are predominantly, but not exclusively, to the crossover circuitry & components, and are a logical development of the work done on the R25A model, which effectively ‘opened a door’ and subsequently embodied a new approach to our crossover design.

We believe the changes which warrant the R4 status are significant, particularly as one ascends the range.

In brief, the IBX-R4 uses different capacitor technology throughout, and all apart from two of the capacitors in the R4 series (that is to say the remaining nine capacitors in the filter circuit) are new Living Voice proprietary designs.

The IBX-RW4 and OBX-RW4 also adopt this capacitor technology, whilst the crossover point has been lowered slightly to marginally increase the level through the broad mid-range. This improves the tonal and energy balance across the full bandwidth.

There is an improved time coherence, making for a more naturally urgent and compelling story-telling ability. Depth of field is increased, and quietness of background lowered, improving tonal colours and sense of musical context. There is a slight increase in both overall scale and dynamic range and finally, a subjective and objective increase in sensitivity, without sacrificing any of the bandwidth.

We’ll be updating the Auditorium Series Product and Specifications pages with R4 information in the very near future.