R80 line drawing


R80 Series Loudspeakers

Technical Specifications & Measurements.

Basic performance specifications for the R80 IBX (inboard) & OBX (outboard) crossover variants are itemised below.

R80 brandmark

R80 Loudspeaker

Sensitivity: 92dB (2.83v @1m)
Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
Minimum Impedance: 4.5 Ohms
Loading: Reflex port to rear of cabinet.
Frequency Response: 25Hz–20kHz
Power Handling: 100 Watts
Cabinet Dimensions: W 310mm × D 423mm × H 1090mm
Plinth: 490mm wide at the front, tapering to 430mm wide at the rear, × 423mm D × 60mm H. Black satin finish.
Gross Weight: 48.1 Kgs per cabinet (IB-X);
45.5 Kgs per cabinet (OB-X);
8 Kgs per Crossover (OB-X);
4.5 Kgs per R80 Plinth.
Crossover Dimensions
(in ‘suitcase’ orientation):
W 120mm × D 450mm × H 270mm
R80 brandmark

Technical Summary:

  • Benign impedance characteristic
  • High sensitivity wide dispersion MTM topology
  • 36mm dense hardwood composite enclosure. Interior lined with maple veneer.
  • Stiff internal triple bracing
  • Living Voice proprietary hand-wound air core inductors
  • Optimised crossover layout, mechanically isolated with star earthing
  • Crystal oriented internal wiring harness
  • Proprietary non-inductive wire-wound resistors
  • Proprietary Living Voice polypropylene capacitors
  • Gold WBT binding posts


  • Scanspeak Ellipticor 34mm Dome tweeter 4ohm. Elliptical Voice coil. Neo AirCirc 120mm.


  • Scanspeak Ellipticor 21cm Midwoofer 8ohm. Paper cone. Elliptical Voice Coil. Neo AirCirc.


  • Applied to WBTs, internal wiring harness and select crossover components.

Included Accessories:

  • Accessory Box with 8 pcs of spikes, floor protectors and 2 spanners enabling easy height adjustment of the loudspeaker in-situ: 1 spanner for rotating the spike and 1 for locking it.


  • Cabinets made in premium furniture grade, book-matched veneers. Outboard crossovers (where supplied) finished in matching book matched veneers. Glossy Ebony or Satin Ebony / Glossy Santos or Satin Santos / Pippy Oak. Other finishes & RAL by special order.